CARE RESPITE is an intelligent monitoring device that helps caring patients and dependent people, at home (e-health) and in institutions. It is based in patented computer vision and artificial intelligence technology that can register and interpret preprogramed risk events that may occur to the dependent person even in the dark. The device will send alerts to caregivers whenever a situation occurs previously identified as risky by the caregiver

The world’s overall increase in life expectancy and demographic ageing is generating a growing incidence of age-related diseases and demand for long-term care.

24M Europeans are now 80+ and 6M have a dementia. 80% of the care needs are provided by families. In USA there are now more than 42M family caregivers.

Ageing of baby boomers will put pressure on care provision increasing costs and lack of resulting in health problems, depression, anxiety, social isolation and, care weakness.

This global context is expected to boom the market of care support solutions that are efficient and innovative, such as Care Respite.

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Key advantages and Innovations

Responds to an increasing and specific demand: support and respite

Suitable family and professionals caregivers

Day and night recognition, two-way voice communication

Non-invasive, scalable and customizable

Plug and play, portable

Suitable for telecare

Multi-person caring (connectivity via multiple receivers)

Complementary with other existing systems s and products (wearable sensors, telecare and telehealth solutions…)


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Ambient assisted device capturing depth maps (infrared sensor technology) and RGB video (optional)

Sensor can capture information over 25 m^2

Fast micro-computer integrated

Intelligent Computer Vision software with pattern recognition

Streaming technology

Dedicated App for Ios/Android


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Stage of development

European patent. Applied (EP14382294.8) PCT/EP2015/067324

CARE RESPITE Registered Trademark

Pilots testing in real environments:

1. Public Nursing Homes (Agreement with Barcelona Municipal Institute of Social and Health Services of Barcelona- IMSS)

2. Private Homes ( Agreement with PAMEM, in charge of Primary Care Centres in Barcelona



Social Benefits:

1. Remote assistance, Sustainability, better care, autonomy

2. Contribution to a more sustainable care system

3. Independent living

Potential customers:

1. Caregivers (professionals and non-professionals)

2. Home Care Services (telecare and telehealth)

3. Nursing homes and Supervised flats for elderly

4. Hospitals (Intensive and Critical Care Units)

If you are interested

In CAre REspite we are very interested in hearing the opinions of our current and potential customers. If you have any doubt, we are more than willing to answer all your concerns!

This project has been supported by Caixa Impulse Programme and the European Commission through Innolabs Programme and EIT- Head Start Programme.